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System Description:
Vacuum Connections
Electrical Connections
Symptom-to-System Chart
Idle Control System
Slow Air Jet Control System
Primary Slow Mixture Cut-off Solenoid Valve
Vacuum Piston Control System

Idle Speed/ Mixture

Power Valve
Float Level
Automatic Choke and Fast Idle:
Choke Linkage
Choke Opener
Fast Idle
Fuel Supply System:
Symptom-to-Sub System Chart
Fuel Filter
Fuel Pump
Fuel Cut-off Relay
  Fuel Tank
Air Intake System:
Symptom-to-Sub System Chart
Throttle Cable
Intake Air Control System
Emission Control System:
Symptom-to-Sub System Chart
Tailpipe Emissions
Catalytic Converter
Feedback Control System
Air Injection Control
Mixture Control
Throttle Control

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

Evaporative Emission Controls
Self-Diagnostic Procedures
How To Read Flow Charts
PGM-CARB Control System
Troubleshooting Flow Charts:
Oxygen Sensor
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
Vacuum Switch
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Ignition Coil Signal

Intake Air Temperature Sensor

Input Troubleshooting Flow Charts
Power Source(IG1, Bat) & Ground
Clutch Switch Signal
A/T Shift Position Signal
Air Conditioning Signal